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Example Configurations

Magic currently comes with several built-in example configurations, in various states of completion.

You are welcome to use these as they are, to extend and customize them, or just take the configs as a kick-start for your own customizations.

If you'd like to try them out, it's easy! It is recommended to do this on a test server, if you are already using Magic this might break existing wands.

Using Examples

To activate an example, use /mconfig example set potter

This will activate the "potter" example configs, turning Magic into a Harry Potter themed plugin.

If you want to add an example on top of your existing set up, use /mconfig example add potter. This is mostly intended for the survival add-on examples, but can also be used to create a mash-up server.

You can also add a line like the following to your plugins/Magic/config.yml, if you prefer file editing to commands:

example: potter

Customizing Examples

Customization is done in the same way as when using the default configs. The spells.yml, wands.yml and other files in plugins/Magic will override the example configurations.

Some examples will offer suggestions about how to customize when loaded.

Built-in Examples

Stand-Alone Configurations

These examples will completely change the way Magic works, if used with /mconfig example set <example>. They can also be mixed together using /mconfig example add <example>

Example Description
survival Default survival. This is the configuration you get when you first install the plugin.
potter Harry Potter
bending Avatar
stars Star Wars
war FPS
banners Just some custom banners
jutsu Naruto (incomplete)
sandbox For setting up your own sandbox server

Survival Add-Ons

These examples add extra features to the base survival configuration. These are added using /mconfig example add <example>

Example Description
engineering Players can learn building magic, leveling up to WorldEdit-like powers
robes Bring back robe textures and recipes
spawnmobs Naturally spawn magic mobs
chests Naturally spawned chests will contain spell points
netherside Create an alternate reality players can travel to with the Phase spell.
otherside The original alternate reality, comes with dangerous automata.
automata Dangerous block monsters. Used by the otherside example.
norp Turn off the resource pack
skulls Use player skull icons instead of RP
painterly Painterly Icons
arenas Wands meant for use in a mob arena
ranks Includes a collection of static wands for use in a "rank" type server
safe Turns off all block damage
slimefun Use a merged Slimefun resource pack

Incomplete Examples

While many of the examples are extremely bare-bones, these are not ready to be used at all.

Example Description
rpg RPG Style


Stars Potter Bending War

External Examples

You can load examples made by other people hosted on sites like Github.

The file must be a zip file containing a set of Magic configuration files. Then you can use /mconfig fetch, for example to load the PotterPlus configs by T0xicTyler, you can use:

mconfig example fetch potterplus https://github.com/PotterPlus/PotterPlus/archive/master.zip
mconfig example set potterplus

To switch your server to use those configs.

See the default configs for all of the builtin external examples. These can be fetched by name without specifying the url, e.g.

/mconfig example fetch extramobs

See here for information on creating your own external example if you'd like to share your Magic creations with the world!