MobArena - elBukkit/MagicPlugin Wiki

MobArena Integration

Magic has some integration with MobArena so you can set up magic-based classes, mobs and rewards as part of your arenas.

Example Configs

Use /mconfig example add arenas if you want to use all of the built-in arena classes. Note that this will import the stars, war and bending configs!

Alternately, you can put this in your plugins/Magic/config.yml if you don't want to use the mconfig command:

example: arenas

The wands made available are used in the example MobArena class configs shown below.

You can use your own wands and mobs in MobArea configs without importing the arenas example.

Magic Wands and Items

Magic wands and items can be used in MobArena class and reward configs. Simply prefix the magic item/wand key with "magic:" in configs. For example:

    items: magic:mage
    helmet: magic:wizardhelmet
    boots: magic:wizardboots
    chestplate: magic:wizardchestplate
    leggings: magic:wizardleggings
    unbreakable-weapons: false

Note that "unbreakable-weapons: false" will prevent MobArena from messing with the durability of wand items, which will randomly change their appearance during the battle.

Magic Mobs

You can use magic mobs directly in MobArena configs. For example:

          type: boss
          wave: 10
          monster: darkwizard

War Items

Some of the example classes use items from the war configs. If you want to use these classes, you will also need to add the war configs via

/mconfig example add war

This will add a variety of guns and vehicles, but none of it will be available to players by default.

Working Examples

See here for some class, mob and reward examples. I'm using these on my dev server:

Note that these are config snippets, you will need to copy and paste them into the right places in your MobArena config.yml if you want to use them.