GitHub Wiki SEE

GitHub Wiki Search Engine Enablement (GHWSEE) allows GitHub Wikis to be indexed by search engines. There is no robots.txt or header on this site preventing indexing of wiki content and GitHub Wiki content proxied from GitHub and served from this service can be crawled and indexed.

Currently, GitHub prevents crawling of repository wiki content. As such, GitHub Wikis are invisible to search engines such as Google and DuckDuckGo and this situation can be very unpleasant if you were looking to share searchable knowledge such as a FAQ on a Wiki! The situation is also uncomfortable for searchers to know that they aren't searching against the full possible world of documentation.

GHWSEE proxies the rendered contents of the pages and has a link with a large button at the top to visit the page on GitHub for normal usage and a link at the bottom explaining what GHWSEE is. The content of this service is not meant to be read by users and is intended for crawlers. GHWSEE is designed to behave like those StackOverflow content mirroring sites that rank high with "stolen" content from StackOverflow but with far less ad-farming.

If you are a GitHub Wiki maintainer, you may want to consider GitHub Pages backed by a public repository for your community's content as a more crawlable, stable, blessed, and probably higher search ranking alternative. This alternative is also mentioned in GitHub Docs about GitHub Wikis. Consider adding an "Edit on GitHub" link to the content on GitHub Pages to have an experience closer to wikis, easily permit editing, and to encourage contributions.

If you are interested in providing feedback to GitHub or seeing what GitHub staff has said about their blocking of Wiki content from appearing in search engines, participate in the discussion here: Let us hope that GitHub can find a solution to unblock GitHub Wiki content in harmony with their SEO concerns and GHWSEE can be decommissioned.

For anti-abuse reasons, all links rendered in the service that are going out of GitHub are tagged with rel="nofollow ugc" as to not affect search engine rankings or to promote mass vandalism of GitHub Wikis.



These are just examples and testing wikis.

Project, README, Source, Issues, and other information


This site will be decommissioned to redirect old links once the block is lifted.

People shouldn't have linked to this site but maybe the warnings weren't big and red enough. Flashing yellow was very unpopular.

This project is not affiliated with GitHub in any way, if it wasn't obvious from the substandard CSS and code. It started because someone was a bit sad they couldn't tell people to use But more importantly, it's a project that was started because there was something very wrong with the way GitHub handles wiki content and more people need to know about it.