GitHub Wiki SEE

GitHub Wiki Search Engine Enablement allows GitHub Wikis to be indexed by search engines. There's no robots.txt on this site preventing indexing of wiki content and wiki content proxied from GitHub and served from this domain will be crawled and indexed.

Currently, GitHub prevents crawling of repository Wiki pages. This means GitHub Wikis are invisible to search engines such as Google and DuckDuckGo and can be a very unpleasant surprise if you're looking to share searchable knowledge or put a FAQ on a Wiki!

GHWSEE simply proxies the rendered contents of the pages and has a link at the top to visit the page on GitHub for normal usage and a link at the bottom explaining what GHWSEE is. The content of this service is not meant to be read by users and is meant for crawlers. It is intended to behave like those StackOverflow content mirroring sites but with far less ad-farming.

For anti-abuse reasons, all links rendered in the service that are going out of GitHub are tagged with rel="nofollow ugc" as to not affect search engine rankings or to promote mass vandalism of GitHub Wikis. This was likely the original reason for the indexing blocking.

If you are a GitHub Wiki maintainer, you may want to consider GitHub Pages backed by a public repository for your community's content as a more stable, blessed, and probably higher search ranking alternative.


  1. Use a search engine! That's the intended interface to the content "on" this site.

If you are an editor, edit your page periodically and the sitemap generator will eventually pick it up and notify search engines! However, the search ranking will be affected by how unique your content is and how well it matches the queries. Generally don't expect a high ranking but it'll probably be on page 2 or 3 which is better than the previous alternative of not being there at all!

Note that it may take quite some time for content to be picked up and there is no guarantee it'll be picked up.


These are just examples and testing wikis.

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