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Publishing an External Example

If you've created a set of configs in Magic that you'd like to share, you can publish it as an external example that other users can easily load with the /mconfig fetch command.

All you need is a publicly accessible zip file containing your configs. This is especially easy to do with github- you can make a new repository with your configs in them and then point people at the "Download Zip" link.

The repository's root should contain the configs. See here for an example:

Meta Information

You may (optionally) put an example.yml in the root of your zip. This file will be parsed when the example is loaded. There are currently only two fields supported:

min_version: This is the minimum version of Magic required to use your example. If you know you are using features in a recent build of Magic, it is good to set this to avoid people updating your example before they've updated the plugin.

name: This is the name of your example. If not specified, the name given by the user when they use /mconfig fetch will be used.

Providing Instructions

You can include instructions for your example in your messages files, these will be shown when the example is enabled.

You add these instructions in the examples.<your example name>.instructions string. It is a good idea to provide your example name in your example.yml meta file (see above), so that users will still see your instructions even if they load your example using a different name.

See the mars example for an example set of instructions.