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War Configs

Counterstrike, Battlefield, GTA, etc

War Video

The "war" configs switch out wands and spells for guns and bullets. Magic block effects are leveraged for massive environment destructibility.


Simply use the following commadn to enable these configs:

/mconfig example set war


To combine the war configs with the default (or other configs), use this instead:

/mconfig example add war

Note that if you mix the war configs with other configs, a different resource pack will be used. This will not include custom armor, mob textures and sounds, but will include all weapons and vehicles.

The pumpkin block is changed when worn on head to support the sniper rifle, but this is the only change to vanilla mechanics.


Changes to the customized configs in plugins/Magic will affect example configurations as normal. Example configs are fully customizable.


If you'd like to see the war configs, look here:


You won't be able to find them on your server, they are built into the plugin and not saved anywhere to disk.

Set Up

You will want some way for players to get weapons. Essentials kits can work, or you could use NPC shops or some other mechanic. These configs are pretty new so a lot is left up to you :)


See here for available weapons: http://mine.elmakers.com/?example=war#wands

Click on each one for instructions, generally you use "/mgive " to give items to players.

They can be put in Essentials kits using a format like "wand:ak47".


These configs also include some drivable vehicles. You have to right-click near the door handle, it can be a little tricky to get in.

Tesla Model 3