The Nether Side - elBukkit/MagicPlugin Wiki

The "Nether Side" will give players a strange, alternate dimension to travel to. This example is intended for 1.16 servers, using the Nether update to make a netherized version of the overworld.

This is an updated version of the Other Side configuration, making a more consistent and Minecraft-feeling world.


Use the following command to enable the nether side configs:

/mconfig example add netherside

Players can then use the Phase spell (available at the Student rank) to travel to the alternate dimension.


Using the same seed for both the normal and "other" world creates a cool effect when traveling back and forth:

Normal World Nether World


This world will have dangerous magic mobs spawning naturally.

Automata can be added using the following commands:

/mconfig example add automata
/mconfig enable world netherside_automata

Copying Structures

The "netherize" and "supernetherize" spells can be used from in the nether side world to copy structures from the overworld.

Just cast at the location where the structure would be and it will copy a netherized version over.