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Star Wars Configs


These configs provide lightsabers, force powers, blasters and more.


Simply use the following command to enable these configs:

/mconfig example set stars

Choosing a Side

Use /mnpc add starshop to create an NPC "master". You can interact with this NPC to choose between Jedi or Sith, and get the components needed to craft a saber.

You can also use /cast starshop to quickly test out the shop.

You can only choose once, and will have to /mage reset yourself or others if you want to switch sides.


Changes to the customized configs in plugins/Magic will affect example configurations as normal. Example configs are fully customizable.


If you'd like to see the stars configs, look here:

You won't be able to find them on your server, they are built into the plugin and not saved anywhere to disk.

Force Powers

Force powers, lightsabers and other items can be seen here: