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Categories for qualitative research

13.Qualitative01.Cognitive task analysis
13.Qualitative02.Implementation science
13.Qualitative03.Mixed methods design
13.Qualitative04.Shared decision making
13.Qualitative05.Case studies
13.Qualitative06.Participatory research
13.Qualitative07.Coincidence analysis (CNA)
13.Qualitative08.Text analysis

1. Use cases: In which situations should I use this method?

This method can be used when non-quantitative data are to be analyzed, i.e., When you already know (or at least you think you know) which concepts you want to measure. Examples include interviews, focus groups, investigating opinion, or the analysis of patterns in a text. A qualitative design allows researchers to learn about new constructs.

2. Input: What kind of data does the method require?

Qualitative data, including interviews that are turned into written transcripts (free text), ethnographic notes (notes about is observed about patients, clinicians, the environment, etc)

3. Algorithm: How does the method work?

Model mechanics

Describing in images

Data science packages

4. Output: How do I interpret this method's results?

Associated concepts