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Power Armor Sets

The following power armor sets are currently supported:

Additional Patches

Patches are available for the following to add additional variety to power armored enemies:

Recommended Mods

These mods naturally fit into what Power Armor to the People is trying to achieve and are highly recommended to be included alongside it. These are the mods I play with, and patches are included in the installer to support those that need them:

  • Consistent Power Armor Overhaul - Among other things, it adds a rusty T-51 texture which raiders can use
    • Note: If you are using AWKCR's Consistent Power Armor Overhaul replacer plugin, be sure to download the rusty T-51 fix
  • Children of Atom Power Armor - Unique variants and can be worn by the Children of Atom
  • Some Assembly Required - Makes power armor rare in the world, contributing to the feeling that people have been scavenging it for the last 210 years
    • The No Stat Change version is recommended, as most of the power armor sets that Power Armor to the People supports do not have a Some Assembly Required patch to maintain balance between the sets
    • If you do use the version that changes stats, and you use the Institute Power Armor patch, make sure to use version 1.0.1 or higher - version 1.0.0 causes a crash in conjunction with this mod

Compatibility Patches

Patches are available for the following to make them compatible, but they do not necessarily add any additional features:

Many other mods are compatible by default. For more information, see the Compatibility Reference.

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