Compatibility Reference - jackeys/Power-Armor-to-the-People Wiki

Many of the changes made for Power Armor to the People are new records, not changes to the base game. This should make it compatible with most mods. The biggest compatibility concerns are the following:

Compatibility with Specific Mods

The follow list includes mods that have been specifically checked against Power Armor to the People to see how compatible they are. If you do not see the mod on the list, that doesn't mean it isn't compatible, so feel free to try it out and report back.

Lore-Based Power Armor Changes (Version 1.53)

Compatibility Overview: Partially compatible - some power armor worn by enemies won't have the changes applied, not every power armor set supported by Power Armor to the People has an LBPAC patch

Raider Power Armor Improved (Version V004)

Compatibility Overview: Compatible, with the exception of a couple of optional patches

Super Mutant Redux (Version 2.5)

Compatibility Overview: Mostly compatible - legendary effects for armor can only apply to one or the other, but everything else is compatible

Corpus Praesidium (Version 1.0.1)

Compatibility Overview: Partially compatible - Synth Leaders can either have a chance to be power armored or have a chance to wear the new armor, but not both. Courser changes work without issue.

Deathclaw Armory

Compatibility Overview: Compatible, but some power armor from enemies may not work for crafting Deathclaw power armor