Credits - jackeys/Power-Armor-to-the-People Wiki

Since this mod has patches for so many other mods, it is really built on the shoulders of giants. Thank you to all of the mod authors who gave me permission to make patches for your work, and a special nod to AtomicTEM for uploading the No Stat Change version of Some Assembly Required at my request.

Permissions were obtained for all mods that were included or that a patch is offered for, either through direct message or by the permissions set on the corresponding mod page at the time the patch was created. If you are a mod author that feels you have not been appropriately credited, please feel free to contact me so that I can make it right.

If you enjoy playing with these mods, please endorse them!

Mods Directly Incorporated


Other Patches



I took all of the screenshots, but I did not create any of the assets in them. All of those assets were made by the authors you see credited above for their respective mods. The font used in the header images is Overseer by Pixel Sagas.