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This is the wiki for Reliquary mod. You can find fairly detailed information in here on:

Blocks page has information on Interdiction torch, Lilypad of Fertility and some other blocks

There is a load of items in this mod currently divided into two pages.
Chargeable and Toggleable items page has information on Sojourner's Staff, Lantern of Paranoia, Ender Staff, Coin of Fortune and other very useful and little more involved items.
Other-Items page has information on items like Witherless rose, Shears of Winter, Nian Zhus, Twilight Cloak and more.

Mob drops and ingredients
Mob drops / ingredients page explains where to get the different mob drops.

Tome of Alkahestry
Tome of Alkahestry page has information on charging the tome, duplicating items and the default duplication recipes.

Handgun page explains what the different kinds of shots you can load your gun with do.

Potion System page explains how to work with mortar, cauldron, ingredients, their passive effects, etc.

Mod compatibility
There is a bit of information about mods Reliquary is compatible with on Mod compatibility page.