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Altar of Light

Altar of light converts redstone to glowstone. Just click it with redstone until it activates and then glowstone block will appear on top of it after some time.

Lilypad of Fertility

Lilypad of Fertility speeds up growth of crops around it. You can also place multiples of these next to each other to get even faster speed.

Interdiction Torch

Interdiction Torch pushes all mobs in its range away.


Pedestal is a fancy display of items as well as a functional block - it can:

  • grab items and xp orbs with coin of fortune and chests / tanks connected to it
  • charge hero's medallion with xp (acts as a tank for xp with hero's medallion in)
  • attack mobs with sword in - works for many different kinds and even tinker's ones (I guess cleaver could be pretty useful)
  • milk cows or drain liquid blocks around into connected tanks with bucket in
  • shear sheep or shearable blocks with shears
  • allow for localized creative flight with Rending Gale in flight mode (consumes its charge every time it buffs player with flight)
  • push/pull mobs in range with Rending Gale in appropriate mode (no charge used unlike when this is used by player directly)
  • work as an automated farm with Harvest Rod Note: Pedestal will only function with these items if activated by redstone (Reason being that without redstone it can safely be used to display stuff like swords). The redstone can be provided directly to the pedestal block or players can also use kind of a remote redstone activation provided - Redstone block in pedestal will activate all pedestals in range (10 blocks by default) or redstone dust will do the same if the pedestal with redstone dust is powered (so basically allowing turning on/off the pedestals in range remotely)

Wraith Node

Wraith Node is used as a destination for Ender Staff in Wraith Node mode.