Chargeable and Toggleable items - P3pp3rF1y/Reliquary GitHub Wiki

Destruction Catalyst

Charged with: gunpowder
Modes: On (drains gunpowder from players inventory)/Off
Destruction Catalyst causes a small explosion on right click that doesn't affect the player and only destroys mundane blocks (the list of which can be modified in config), leaving all ores and any other more valuable blocks around.

Emperor's Chalice

Modes: On (can drain water) / Off (can place water)
Emperor's Chalice is both infinite water bucket and empty bucket based on what mode it is in. So you can use it to place or remove water in the world, but it can as well be used with Apothecary Cauldron, Botania's Petal Apothecary and Thaumcraft's Crucible. You can also use it to refill your hunger in exchange for some health.

Ender Staff

Charged with: ender pearls
Modes: On (drains ender pearls from players inventory) / Off
Shift-Left click modes: Ender pearl (regular distance) / Ender eye (long distance) / Wraith node (teleport to)
Ender Staff is a teleportation tool. In ender pearl mode it allows throwing ender pearls in the similar way that you would do with just ender pearls in hand. In ender eye mode the ender pearls thrown would go further and faster. In both modes when the ender pearl hits it teleports player in much safer way than vanilla ender pearl. In wraith node mode ender staff teleports player to the wraith node that it is set to (by right clicking with the ender staff on the wraith node).

Coin of Fortune

Modes: On (magnet on) / Off (magnet off)
Coin of Fortune when turned on teleports items and experience within range to player. If right click is held with the coin in hand the range in which items and experience are teleported is higher

Glacial Staff

Charged with: snowballs
Modes: On (drains snowballs and freezes water/lava) / Off
Glacial Staff is a ranged weapon that shoots snowballs out of its charge. When turned on it drains these from player's inventory and it also freezes lava (into obsidian) and water (into packed ice) within player's reach so it allows walking on lava and water. These frozen blocks will quickly melt back once outside of the range.

Harvest Rod

Charged with: bonemeal
Modes: On (drains bonemeal / plantables) / Off
Shift-Left click modes: Bone meal / Seeds or Plantables (only if the rod was charged with any) / Hoe Harvest rod is a farmers helper tool. It can hoe the land, keep seeds/plantables in its inventory and plant these and keep bonemeal in its inventory and bonemeal with it. All of these can either be done on a block player is pointing at by simple right click or in an area of effect by holding right click. It also breaks all crops in its range when player breaks one so it helps with speeding up harvesting as well.

Hero's Medallion

Charged with: experience
Modes: On (drains experience) / Off
Hero's Medallion stores experience. When turned on it drains it from player. When turned off player can take one level out of it per right click.

Ice Magus Rod

Charged with: snowballs
Modes: On (drains snowballs and freezes water/lava) / Off
Ice Magus Rod is a ranged weapon that shoots snowballs out of its charge. When turned on it drains these from player's inventory.

Infernal Chalice

Modes: On (can drain lava) / Off (can place lava)
Infernal Chalice holds lava and based on mode it is in you can use it to place or remove lava in the world, but it can as well be used with Tinker's Construct smeltery tank and should work with tanks from other mods as well.

Infernal Tear

Modes: On (drains item it is set to) / Off
Infernal tear when activated the first time searches player's inventory for most common item it can accept and sets itself to it. Once enabled then it starts draining the item out of the player's inventory and converts it to experience.

Lantern of Paranoia

Modes: On (places torches) / Off
Lantern of Paranoia when on searches for dark spots around the player and places torches in those either from player's inventory or from Sojourner's Staff

Touchstone of Midas

Charged with: glowstone
Modes: On (drains glowstone) / Off
Touchstone of Midas uses its glowstone charge to repair any gold based items in player's inventory. That includes Reliquary items like Cross of Mercy and Magic Bane.

Pyromancer's Staff

Charged with: fire charges and blaze powder
Modes: On (drains charges and powder) / Off
Shift-Left click modes: Blaze powder (blaze fireball) / Fire charge (ghast fireball) / Erupt (AOE burning) / Flint and Steel
Pyromancer's Staff has mutliple modes all related to fire. In Blaze powder and Fire charge mode it shoots blaze and ghast sized fireballs. In Erupt it burns anything in range in front of the player. And Flint and Steel mode works exactly as the vanilla flint and steel. It also destroys any fireballs shot at the player and puts out fires when turned off.

Rending Gale

Charged with: feathers
Modes: On (drains feathers) / Off
Shift-Left click modes: Flight / Pull (pulling entities) / Push (again entities) / Bolt (spawns lightning)
Rending Gale in flight mode allows player to fly by pointing and right clicking. It can also push or pull mobs and if it rains there's a Bolt mode available that allows spawning lightnings.

Sojourner's Staff

Charged with: torches
Modes: On (drains torches) / Off
Sojourner's Staff holds many torches that you can place by right clicking with it. It can also place torchers at distance for a higher torch cost.

Twilight Cloak

Modes: On (mobs ignore player) / Off
Makes mobs ignore player during night even if they are hit by the player.

Void Tear

Modes: On (drains item it is set to) / Off
Void Tear is a portable mass storage for a single item/block type. If empty it scans player's inventory when activated for an item/block that's most common in there and sets itself to it. It also immediatelly drains the selected item/block leaving one stack in the inventory. While activated it keeps one stack in the inventory (if it can) whether the player is picking up items/blocks or placing these. When off it will put one stack into players inventory on each right click. It also works with inventories - storing in them when off and taking from them when on, while sneaking it mass stores/takes.