Mob drops and crafting ingredients - P3pp3rF1y/Reliquary GitHub Wiki

Almost all Reliquary crafting recipes use special Reliquary mob drops. Here is a bit information on what these are, what mobs they drop from and how rare they are.

Bone Rib

Dropped by: Skeleton

Wither Rib

Dropped by: Wither Skeleton


Dropped by: Spider

Creeper Gland

Dropped by: Creeper and Ghast

Slime pearl

Dropped by: Slime and Magma Cube

Bat Wing

Dropped by: Bat

Zombie heart

Dropped by: Zombie and Zombie Pigman

Molten Core

Dropped by: Magma Cube

Eye of the Storm

Dropped by: Charged Creeper

Frozen Core

Dropped by: Snow Golem

Nebulous Heart

Dropped by: Enderman

Squid Beak

Dropped by: Squid

Crafting components

These are just items that are craftable and used further in crafting recipes

  • Fertile Essence
  • Infernal Claw
  • Kraken Shell Fragment
  • Crimson Cloth
  • Zombie Pearl
  • Skeleton Pearl
  • Wither Skeleton Pearl
  • Creeper Pearl