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Reliquary's handgun can be loaded with a variety of different magazines. All of the magazines are crafted with empty magazine and respective type of the shot.


Exorcism - Exorcism shots deal extra damage to undead mobs.
Blaze - Blaze shots deal fire damage, so they are very good against most of the mobs, but do nothing to the fire immune ones.
Seeker - Seeker shots seek their target so you don't need to be extra accurate when aiming at mobs and it will still find the target.
Ender - Ender shots seek target as well, but in addition to that they pierce the enemies, so you can hit multiple mobs in one shot.
Concussive - Concussive shots cause small explosion on impact, one that doesn't break blocks.
Buster - Buster shots are a very upgraded version of concussive shots that cause a big explosion on impact that will break many blocks if near them.
Sand - Sand shots blind targets (PVP) and make creepers explode.
Storm - Storm shots are stronger when it rains and even stronger during storms. They also charge creepers, so they are a good way of getting those Eyes of the storm.