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Welcome to the CBRAIN User Guide!

The CBRAIN component of NeuroHub allows researchers to analyze datasets via standardized and validated pipelines accessible through a distributed web-based computing platform. It offers a friendly, easy-to-use web interface for running command-line scientific pipelines and tools on High-Performance Computing resources.

This manual is intended to provide a guide to walk through every step of your research. CBRAIN simplifies ways to access, store, process and share data with your community. This HPC (High-Performance Computing) web platform has been developed with support from CANARIE, in professor Alan Evans' lab at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre and the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN), at McGill University. CBRAIN is a simple user interface with no computer programming expertise required. All you need is a web browser (recent versions of Firefox, Safari or Chrome, Internet Explorer) without the need to install any specialized software.

Table of contents

1. Let's start!

2. Create a project

3. Upload files

  1. Upload files one by one
  2. Upload files all at once with SFTP server
  3. Request for a Site Data Provider
  4. Configure a personal Data Provider (CBRAIN)

4. Launch Task

5. Task Status

6. Task Results

7. Download files

  1. Download files one by one using Web Browser
  2. Download files all at once with SFTP Server

8. Visualization

9. Available Tools and Datasets

  1. Available Datasets
  2. Available Tools

10. Tool integration with Boutiques or Scientific tool integration in CBRAIN

11. Help and User Support

12. Tool inventory

Acknowledging CBRAIN