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If you have many files or files greater than 400 MB, please follow one of the 2 methods to upload them all at once.

Method 1: Filezilla or another GUI SFTP Client

If you are using Mac, Windows or Linux/Unix Operating systems, we recommend that you use Filezilla or another graphical user interface SFTP Client to transfer files.

  • Instructions for Filezilla:
    • Download and install Filezilla on your computer
    • Select "File" menu, then click on "Site Manager"
    • Select "New Site"
    • Under "General Tab" in "Site Manager"
      • Enter hostname: ace-cbrain-1.cbrain.mcgill.ca
      • Enter port number: 7500
      • Select Server Type: SFTP - SSH File Transfer protocol
      • Select Logon Type: NORMAL
      • Enter the username and password for your CBRAIN account


  • Under "Advanced" tab in "Site Manager"
    • Select "Bypass proxy"
    • Click connect


  • Files on your local computer are listed on the left
  • Files on the remote computer are listed on the right
    • Files may be dragged to move them to and from the remote and local computers
    • Options for managing files are displayed by selecting the file and right clicking on the file


Method 2: Command line

It is very convenient to use a graphical user interface SFTP Client as described above. However, if it is your preference you can use the command line.

Command-line users of MacOS X or Linux can connect using this sftp command, for instance:

unix% sftp -o port=7500 [email protected]

Once your data files are uploaded, you need to REGISTER the files into CBRAIN before they can be processed.

Common part: Move Files from Temporary Storage SFTP Server to Data Provider

At the top of CBRAIN page, go to Resources and click on 'Data Providers'

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 2 10 16 PM

This will show a list of Data Providers you have access to. The two special Data Providers SFTP-1 and SFTP-2 will be listed and each will be provided with a 'Browse' link.


Click the 'Browse' link and you should see a list of files you already uploaded

  • Select the files to be registered
  • If the file format is not automatically detected correctly (e.g. "TextFile"), fix this by selecting the file format with the drop down menu under "Type" (click on "All files as…").


  • Move your files from the temporary server to "MainStore":
    • Click on "Register Files" tab
    • Choose project where the files will go (e.g. "Example")
    • Select "Move the files to Data Provider"
    • Choose Data Provider where the files will go (e.g. "MainStore")
    • Click "Register the files"


  • Please note, if you register a large number of files, this can take some time.
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