Download files all at once with SFTP Server - aces/cbrain GitHub Wiki

  • Select the file(s) you want to download
  • Click "copy"


  • Select a SFTP data provider in this case "SFTP-1" from drop down menu
  • Click "copy"


Method 1: Filezilla or other GUI interface SFTP client
  • Open Filezilla (or other) application
  • Use same SFTP settings as before (3.2), but transfer files in the opposite direction
  • Drag/drop files from SFTP-1 to your computer
Method 2: Command line SFTP

Use commands to change to the right directory and download files:

Note: depending on your system, you may get an error message if you try to download files that haven’t been archived using get -r *. If this is the case, go to "File Management", and click on **"(Un)Archive" to archive files. This is a toggle switch, meaning that if a file is unarchived it will archive it, and vice versa. Once archived, copy it to the SFTP server. Then do the following:

  • cd < directory_name_to_download_files >
  • sftp -o port=7500 [email protected]
  • get /.tar.gz
Common part: Delete your data from the temporary storage SFTP Server
  • Click on "Resources" and drop-down menu to "Data Providers"

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 2 10 16 PM

  • Click on "Browse" to the right of your Data Provider


  • Select the files you want to delete and click "Delete Files" image
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