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Simple, Secure and Scalable
Web Application Platform and Content Management System



XOOPSCube Legacy (XCL) is a free and open-source Web Application Platform (WAP) empowering site owners to build, manage and deploy scalable web applications, custom Content Management System (CMS), forums, community discussion board and knowledge management systems, or multiple blogs (e.g. WordPress).

The XCL bundle package is designed for easy usage and to benefit from the performance of the most popular web server stack: Apache, MySQL and PHP.


XCube Core (©2005 Minahito, BSD) is secure by design, in software engineering, means that software products and capabilities have been designed to be foundationally secure. However, the module Protector (©peak.ne.jp) is installed to provide an extra layer of security to the subsystem Legacy — which ensures backwards compatibility with the older system XOOPS2 (©2002 Kazumi Ono @Onokazu, GPL2) and later XOOPS2-JP Japanese versions with multibyte character support.


Scaling a web application platform means allowing more people to use the application and being able to meet increasing demand, without changing the code, data or the trusted system. You can easily extend core functionality with modules or a new subsystem. XCube core provides many essential tools for maintaining a web platform and offers a great deal of functionality and customization options for your Content Management System. In fact, the customization options for your Web Application Platform and CMS-driven websites are nearly endless with preloads (single file component).


Self-hosted platforms are decentralized, allow for superior accessibility, customization of features and style, which means you are not dependent on a centralized service and are also free to choose your hosting service as the number of users grows.
You have full control over your own data and services, rather than depending on expensive third-party services (cloud, saas).

XCL version 2.3.+

XCL Web Application Platform is the latest distribution package updated to PHP 7.2.+
The XCL Bundle Package features X-elFinder, a file manager with cloud support,
CKEditor wysiwyg with custom plugins, user group management with granular permissions,
and X-Update manager to install modules, themes and preloads (single file components).


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