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Step One: Download

  • Download munin-pihole-plugins from the master branch
curl -sSL -o munin-pihole-plugins && chmod +x munin-pihole-plugins


  • Download munin-pihole-plugins from the development branch
curl -sSL -o munin-pihole-plugins && chmod +x munin-pihole-plugins

The chosen branch can be changed at any later time if desired.

Step Two: Install munin-pihole-plugins

  • Install munin-pihole-plugins
./munin-pihole-plugins --install

Dependencies are checked and met automatically using dpkg-query and apt respectively. A copy of the munin-pihole-plugins script will be installed on the host in /usr/local/bin by default. The munin-pihole-plugins script directory can be configured, or the munin-pihole-plugins script installation may be disabled entirely.

See the Advanced Install page for more installation options.

Step Three: …Wait

  • Wait, around five minutes

While graphs are generated by the Munin master on demand, Munin nodes run their plugins periodically, by default at 5 minute intervals past the hour.

Step Four: Monitor

  • Navigate to http://YOUR_NEW_MUNIN_SERVER'S_FQDN,_HOSTNAME,_OR_IP/munin in a browser to view the Munin monitoring interface


If everything went well, you should find munin-pihole-plugins graphs available to view in the 'dns' category. Otherwise, see the help section.

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