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Help! Something Went Wrong With Installation!

  • Add more verbosity

As a first step, try changing the VERBOSITY_LEVEL to the maximum value of 4, and then running the installation again. This may give you more indication as to exactly what is going wrong.

If if the issue remains a mystery, and/or you are unable to resolve it yourself, see below.

Example: export VERBOSITY_LEVEL="4"

Help! Something Went Wrong With Uninstallation!

  • See above or below

Help! My Graphs Aren't Showing Up!

  • Be patient

Graphs should be generated at five minute intervals. If you still do not see graphs after this time, try restarting the machine and waiting a further five minutes. If you still can not get any graphs to display, open an issue in munin-pihole-plugins' issue tracker or contact me for further support.

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