Advanced_Uninstall - saint-lascivious/munin-pihole-plugins Wiki

Advanced Uninstall

Optional uninstallation parameters

  • List of optional parameters for the -u, uninstall, --uninstall command

Basic installation or uninstallation tasks can be governed by passing an optional parameter to the --uninstall command.

Usage: munin-pihole-plugins --uninstall [OPTION]

Optional Uninstall Parameter GNU long option Function
-p, plugins --plugins Uninstall munin-node, munin-pihole-plugins plugins, and related configuration
-P, plugins-only --plugins-only As above, skipping dependency removal
-s, script --script Uninstall the munin-pihole-plugins script and related configuration
-S, script-only --script-only As above, skipping dependency removal
-w, webserver --webserver Uninstall munin, lighttpd, lighttpd-external-munin-proxy, and related configuration
-W, webserver-only --webserver-only As above, skipping dependency removal

Example: munin-pihole-plugins --uninstall --script