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see Article 𓅮 of who which

𓏏𓅱 ɗ[email protected]Hausa the (one) ⇔ that
𓊪𓅱/𓏏𓅱 wihin, tihin @ Berber
𓊪𓅱/𓏏𓅱 win, tin
𓊪𓅱/𓏏𓅱 wan, tan
𓅱 ayin one

it, this ఇది /idi/ [email protected] 'die[s]
it, that అది /adi/ [email protected] 'da[s]

π pi ⇔ pthe ת ⇔ bder pinoqio 𓂊 bu

𓈖 𓄓 𓋴 𓄻 theonge = tongue :
𓊃 𓈖 𓎡 𓄓 Zunge (tongue) 𐍄𐌿𐌲𐌲𐍉