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Unpacking "Only The Horses" by Scissor Sisters

Title: Only The Horses
Artist: Scissor Sisters
Release Date: 2012
Album: Magic Hour
Genre: Dance-pop, Electropop
Writers: Jason Sellards, Scott Hoffman, Ana Lynch, Alex Ridha


This report delves into the topic of the forthcoming apocalypse. It's crucial to clarify that "apocalypse" doesn't signify the end of the world or human existence. Remember, the world isn't ending today—it simply can't, because somewhere on Earth, it's already tomorrow!


"Only The Horses" by the Scissor Sisters delves into the theme of apocalypse, offering a poignant reflection on impending catastrophe and the fragility of existence. Set against a backdrop of pulsating beats and haunting melodies, the song explores the urgency of a looming disaster that threatens to surpass historical atrocities if not averted.

Lyrics and Themes

The lyrics of "Only The Horses" convey a sense of urgency and despair, as the protagonist contemplates the impending apocalypse and the devastating consequences it may bring. Amidst shimmering synths and evocative vocals, the song captures the existential dread and desperate plea for survival in the face of overwhelming catastrophe.

"Only the horses can find us tonight
Only the horses can bring us back home
Our tracks, they will follow, the sorrow, the soul
Only the horses can bring us back home"

These lyrics paint a picture of reliance on forces beyond human control to navigate through impending doom. The imagery of horses symbolizes hope and salvation amidst chaos, urging listeners to seek refuge and solace in uncertain times.


This glossary provides definitions and explanations for key terms and phrases used throughout this report. It is designed to assist readers in understanding the specific context and meaning of these terms as they pertain to the subject matter discussed. Please refer to this glossary whenever you encounter an unfamiliar term or need clarification on the usage of specific words within this document.

  • "Apocalypse": Refers to an event involving widespread destruction and catastrophic consequences, often associated with the end of the world or a significant societal collapse.

Musical Composition

"Only The Horses" showcases the Scissor Sisters’ ability to blend emotive lyrics with infectious dance-pop rhythms. The song's ethereal instrumentation and powerful vocals contribute to its atmospheric quality, capturing the emotional intensity of its apocalyptic themes while maintaining an uplifting energy.

Annotations from the Creator

To provide deeper insight into the hidden narratives and thematic elements of "Only The Horses," the Creator has shared the following annotations:

  1. Background on the Apocalypse Theme: The song serves as a metaphor for a hidden genocide within the USA, emphasizing the potential magnitude of lives lost if preventative measures are not taken. The urgency in the lyrics underscores the need for awareness and action in averting such catastrophic events.

Impact and Reception

Upon its release, "Only The Horses" received acclaim for its poignant lyrics and atmospheric production. Critics and fans praised the Scissor Sisters for their emotive delivery and ability to convey complex themes through accessible pop melodies. The song’s impact resonated with audiences, reflecting on existential themes while providing a sense of catharsis and contemplation.

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