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South Australian Museum Australia: primary collection management system darwincore export


This is an implementation of a darwincore export, for one of the FCIG-OZCAM participants.

Artefacts and synopsis

Data availability:

Behavioural diagrams

From usage documentation https://github.com/AtlasOfLivingAustralia/ala-datamob/tree/master/biodomains/fcig-ozcam/sam/sam%20cms%20doco.20130103.pdf...

There are five parts to the exporter:


The first export component is a bash shell script, dwc_spc.sh, which is the entry point for running an export – this script prepares the export directory, reads in disciplines-list and calls the sub-script dwcdm2dsx.sh for each non-comment line (no leading #), bundles the export on completion and sends to specified servers using sftp.

The second export component is the text file, disciplines-list, which controls the behaviour of the main script dwdm2.sh. Disciplines matching the CatCollectionName field should be entered here, one per line. Comment lines (beginning with #) and blank lines are ignored. Comment out disciplines to do a partial export. If you delete or rename this file, dwc_spc.sh will rebuild it from the database. Note: this is a costly operation (roughly 2 hours) and no subsequent exports will occur, to allow for any unwanted disciplines to be excluded by deletion or comment.

Activity diagram for https://github.com/AtlasOfLivingAustralia/ala-datamob/tree/master/biodomains/fcig-ozcam/sam/dwc_spc.sh