Managing libpll partition instances - xflouris/libpll GitHub Wiki

Here we describe how to create libpll partition instances for computing the likelihood of the data given the model parameters. We show how to create partitions and how to deallocate them when they are no longer needed. This page covers the following topics:

Creating a partition instance

Associated API reference: pll_partition_create()

The function call for creating a partition is

pll_partition_t * pll_partition_create(int tips, 
                                       int clv_buffers, 
                                       int states, 
                                       int sites,
                                       int rate_matrices, 
                                       int prob_matrices, 
                                       int rate_cats, 
                                       int scale_buffers, 
                                       int attributes);

Destroying a partition instance

Associated API reference: pll_partition_destroy()

The function call for destroying a partition is

void pll_partition_destroy(pll_partition_t * partition);