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REMIX is an implementation of a paradigm for an interactive microcontroller development platform. It stives to be a minimal, free and open source operating system for 32-bit microcontrollers. It provides a convenient methord to do interactive embedded development in varius languages like C (a subset of the ANSI C language based, on the PicoC interpreter), LISP and others (to be ported in the future). The system runs on bare metal or alternatively, can run as a part of complementary component of any kernel. Remix uses the MIT permissive free software license.


  • UNIX-like shell
  • highly optimized for memory consumption
  • FAT file system (e.g. for the SD/MMC card interface)
  • supporet for significant part of the C std library
  • TCP/uIP stack (in development)
  • XMODEM protocol for convenient way to share files code with the PC