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First official release (0.1)

  • Supports various Cortex M3/M4 platforms
  • Shell commands (Basic UNIX like commands like ls, cp and cat which work directly with the SD/MMC interface)
  • Choice between FP and non FP
  • Generic platform modules (adc, can, i2c, platform data, gpio, pwm, spi, terminal, timer, uart, cpu specific module)
  • ROM file system (ROMFS)
  • Generic and portable SD/MMC card FAT file system
  • Linenoise support (Command line history and navigation -- an embedded replacement for GNU readline)
  • Samples: Morse code game, ADC poll (check romfs/)
  • C interrupt handler support
  • Tiny RAM patch. (It is now possible to accomodate cstdlib in PicoC running on M4, bare metal)
  • C files can be sent to target via XMODEM protocol.
  • Source under MIT free software license.