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  1. Install WiltonDB
  2. Setup TDS connection from SSMS
  3. Setup PostgreSQL connection from PgAdmin

Listen only on localhost by default

When WiltonDB installation is completed and Windows service is started, both TDS (default port 1433) and PostgreSQL (default port 5432) listeners are bound to (IPv6 [::1]) networking address and thus can be accessed only from the same machine.

Run the following in the Command Prompt to check this:

netstat -nta


Changing default password

Before allowing remote access is is advised to change the default password for wilton user to some strong secret password.

Connect to WiltonDB from PgAdmin and run the following query:

alter user wilton with password 'strong_password_here'


Allowing remote connections

To allow remote connections it is necessary to change listen_addresses system parameter to * or to a specific IP address. There are multiple ways to change system parameters, this example uses GUI config tool:

Run the WiltonDB Configuration tool using <install_dir>/bin/wdb_config.exe path:


Enter the password and press "Load Settings" button:


In the left top drop-down menu instead of "All Settings" select "Networking Only":


Double click the "listen_addresses" setting, change its value to * and press "Apply change" button:


When the change is applied, note the "DB restart required: YES" message:


Restart WiltonDB service using Windows Service Control Manager:


Run the following in the Command Prompt to check that address is actually used now for both 1433 and 5432 ports:

netstat -nta


Adding Windows Firewall rule

If Windows Firewall is used, a new inbound rule needs to be added to it for ports 1433 and 5432: