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  1. install WiltonDB
  2. check that it can be accessed with SSMS

TDS and PostgreSQL ports

In addition to TDS protocol connections (port 1433 by default) WiltonDB supports connections over PostgreSQL protocol (port 5432 by default).

In general, full PostgreSQL functionality is available over the 5432 port (including backups and restores). The same data can be observed from both TDS and PostgreSQL connections. Though the caution needs to be taken with modifying the data over PostgreSQL connection and then accessing it over TDS connection. Depending on the permissions setup such data may not be visible or accessible over TDS connection, see more details on this in Babelfish documentation.

Installing PgAdmin4

Download PgAdmin4 for Windows installer and run it:



Complete the installation and run pgAdmin4.exe from the following directory:

C:\Program Files\pgAdmin 4\v7\runtime\




Connecting to database

On the left panel choose Servers - Regiser - Server and fill the following details on the Connections tab:

  • Host name/address:
  • Port: 5432
  • Maintenance database: wilton
  • Username: wilton
  • Password: wilton


On the left tree open Servers - <connection name> - Databases - wilton - Schemas - master_dbo:


Browsing DB contents

Database named wilton is a "physical" database that contains all the data accessible over TDS protocol. When a database with a name foo is created over TDS connection, its data is stored inside foo_dbo schema in wilton database, see more details in Creating multiple databases section.

Databases and tables created in SSMS can be browsed in PgAdmin in a corresponding schema: