Troubleshooting - tjhorner/wifi-desk-controller Wiki

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I have a hidden network and the stock firmware won't connect.

This is a known issue with the stock firmware, but can be solved by writing your own ESPHome config and using the fast_connect option under the wifi config, i.e.:

  # ... your other wifi options
  fast_connect: true

This should be fixed in a future release of the stock firmware, though.

My desk occasionally lowers or raises slightly.

This is indicative of a power issue, since this only happens when the ESP8266 module initially starts up, and the GPIO pins are in an indeterminate state. The most likely cause of this issue is that your desk's control box is unable to supply enough current for the D1 Mini, so the best solution in this case is to keep the micro USB cable plugged into power during usage.

(The "Safety" section on early versions of the paper getting started guide warns against this, but further inspection of the D1 Mini schematic reveals that a diode sits between VBUS and the +5V line, so it is entirely safe.)

The "Desk Height" sensor is "Unknown" / My desk raises to max height whenever I change the target height

This means the board is unable to determine the current height of your desk. One of the differences between the stock firmwares is the protocol decoder each uses. The protocol decoders were named after the first desk they were found in, but some desk models will use a different protocol (i.e., a Fully Jarvis desk may use the protocol from an Uplift v2 desk).

So the best way to find out is by either flashing the stock firmware for other desk brands, or trying out different protocol decoders from the ESPHome component that provides the Desk Height sensor.

If you are having trouble with this process, please reach out on the support forum. In a future release of the firmware, the protocol will be auto-detected, so this will not be necessary. Progress on this feature is tracked in issue #7.

My desk uncontrollably lowers or raises when the board is plugged in! Help??

If you are using a Fully Jarvis desk, please see Jarvis Power Issue.

This can happen if the firmware is not properly configured or installed. Make sure you followed the Getting Started guide and that you have the correct firmware for your desk brand.

If you've verified that everything is correct, make sure that the board is actually working (i.e., it's not fried). You can verify this by plugging it into your computer — if you can flash it, that means it's still alive, and indicates a different issue. Please start a discussion in the support forum and I will help you out shortly!