Jarvis Power Issue - tjhorner/wifi-desk-controller Wiki

There is a problem with v1 of the board with specific Jarvis desks that manifests itself as a failure to boot when plugging in the board to the control box, tracked in issue #6. There is a permanent fix coming in v2 of the board (sign up here if you want to help test it out when the time comes), but there are workarounds for v1.

To get the board working with your Fully Jarvis desk, follow these steps:

  1. Flash the firmware as described in Getting Started.
  2. Plug the board into USB power.
  3. While still plugged into USB power, plug the board into the desk's control box.
    • I know this is what contrary to the paper getting started guide says — it's safe though, don't worry!
  4. Keep USB power plugged in during usage if you experience further issues. Otherwise, you may unplug it.

The board should successfully boot and connect to your WiFi network. Also note that if the board loses power, you will need to repeat this process again. It might be worthwhile to keep the board plugged into USB power if you experience this often.