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What Is munin-pihole-plugins?

To expand on the project's tag line somewhat, munin-pihole-plugins is a Munin node plugin and management script for monitoring various Pi-hole® statistics, capable of transforming an existing server into a powerful, full time full system monitoring server and/or distributed client with relatively low system overhead and requirements.

Okay, Sure, …Why?

Pi-hole®'s web interface is fine and dandy for telling you what is happening right now, or over the last 24 hour period, but what if we wanted to know what was happening at a precise time yesterday? Or the day before? What if we have multiple Pi-hole® servers? What if we wanted to see correlation over indeterminate periods of time? Pi-hole®'s long term query database can only tell us so much, and it may not even be enabled.

Back in eleventeen-ought-dickity-twain, our forebearers dreamed of way to bring distributed system monitoring platforms to the masses… More seriously, this project exists because of the non-zero overlap between the type of people likely to be hosting their own local DNS server(s), and the type of people who may be interested in a full system monitoring platform, while recognizing that most people don't know how to or are intimidated by setting such an environment up. This is where the management script portion of munin-pihole-plugins really shines, typically allowing [installation][install] in a few simple commands, in ~5 minutes or less.

What Systems Does munin-pihole-plugins Run On?

The management script has been constructed and tested primarily within Debian and Ubuntu derivative environments, with dependency satisfaction revolving around dpkg-query and apt. The intention is that munin-pihole-plugins and pihole are deployed on the same server, as there are several common dependencies, but this does not necessarily have to be the case and the plugin(s) are capable of being configured to monitor a remote pihole instance.

In short, if the machine can run Pi-hole®, it can probably run munin-pihole-plugins as well. The defaults should Just Work™ in the majority of cases, but if not, munin-pihole-plugins is able to be extensively configured.

You Said "plugin(s)", But I only See One. What Gives?

The pihole_ plugin script is a monolithic plugin that operates differently depending on the basename it is executed with, allowing a single script to offer a range of possible functions. The munin-pihole-plugins management script manages selected plugins via symbolic link to the primary plugin script.

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