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Changelog for Version 1.1 of Reg's More Foods, nicknamed "The Gourmand Update". Released on June 14th, 2024.Pages with broken links will be completed and filled as time goes on--once again, I'm only 1 person working on this project! I only have limited time to work on this sadly.

"WE MADE IT!! This is Version 1.1 of Reg's More Foods, released for Minecraft 1.21!"

"While you go out there exploring Trial Chambers, I hope you don't forget to take a couple snacks and drinks with you."

"Welcome to The Gourmand Update of Reg's More Foods! Enjoy!"




  • Added Coffee Beans
    • Coffee Beans can be sourced from breaking Jungle Leaves or Short Grass/Ferns in Jungle Biomes, and are required to make Coffee


The following advancements have been added:


  • Added a recipe for turning Tomatoes into Tomato Seeds
    • The recipe for creating Red Dye from Tomatoes has also been edited


  • Added Melons and Pumpkins to the mineable tag for hoes, so they can now be mined faster with hoes
    • This gives an alternative way of mining melons quickly, as trying to do so with an axe will just break it into slices. Pumpkins don't share this trait--their "harder" exterior prevents them from being broken into slices by axe. Players still must do so at a Stonecutter like before


  • Implemented a Changelog format based on keepachangelog.com. It's been edited slightly to better fit these updates, but it should vastly improve readability
    • Previous updates have also had their changelogs updated to fit the same format--did you notice?
  • Added a changelog file to the download of the pack. So, you can easily see all the current changes as well as the past ones from any future version you install
  • Changed the namespace of the pack to rmf for "Reg's More Foods" (from morefoods). Any commands that required typing in that namespace will now require rmf instead (example: rmf:a_balanced_breakfast advancement)
    • Previous references of the old namespace in changelogs will not be corrected, only future references will be
    • This could cause a lot of issues, so if you find any bugs please let me know!
  • Created modded versions of the pack, so you can play it on Forge/Fabric/Quilt worlds or in modpacks now
  • It doesn't affect anything modding-wise so it should mesh well with any actually modded items you have in a world
  • Zombies and Husks now drop [Zombie Jerky]] and [Roasted Carrots if killed with fire
    • This behaves the same way as how killing them with fire makes them dropped Baked Potatoes instead of regular Potatoes
  • Various foods can now be found in loot chests
    • For example, [Cheese]] can occasionally be found in Plains Villages (as well as Desert Temples), Red [[Snow Cones]] (specifically) can be found in Snowy Villages, and [Bananas can be found in Savanna Villages
  • Added a new system for tracking the daytime of the game
    • The time reads in 12 Hour format on the Actionbar (above the player hotbar), updating every "30 minutes" in game whenever a player holds a Clock in their Mainhand or Offhand
    • This was added to assist with the "A Balanced Breakfast" advancement, so players could tell exactly what time it was in the world
    • This functionality is enabled by default but can be disabled in the config settings (/function rmf:config)
  • Added a new Food Classification System
    • Foods are now classed as one of the following: Entrées, Starters, Appetizers, Sides and Drinks
    • Classifications aren't used in-game, but are referenced in Wiki pages as well as the Gourmand's Digest to help players know what to expect from any particular food they may not have eaten yet


  • Changed the pack.png of the packs
  • Changed the system that Kabobs use to make them more seamless
    • They now use 24w19a's new food component system
  • Updated Kabobs to be stackable (each level now stacks up to 3)
  • Changed the filename for the changelog that you're reading right now to CHANGELOG.md (from changelog.txt)
  • Changed the folder name structure of the data pack to match with 24w21a's update
    • All data pack folder names have been updated to be of "singular" fashion: this means that blocks and functions, for example, have now become block and function. The only exception is tags
  • Changed the frame of the "(Most) Colors of the Rainbow" and "Drinkoholic" advancements to "task" (from "goal")
  • Edited the description of the "(Most) Colors of the Rainbow" advancement
  • Moved several files around and added a rmf namespace for the resourcepack
  • Changed the "A Redditor's Breakfast" advancement name to "A Light Breakfast"
    • The file name of redditor_breakfast has also been changed to a_light_breakfast
  • Edited the description of the "Extreme Dieting" advancement
  • Moved the "Desperate Times" and "Extreme Dieting" advancements to be under "Iron Belly"
  • Renamed the bowls of Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream to just "Ice Cream" and "Chocolate Ice Cream"
  • Changed the textures for Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream, as well as their food and saturation values slightly
  • Changed the way Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream works as an item, meaning that previous versions of the item will be depreciated and likely have broken textures
    • If you had an older version of the pack in your world with Ice Cream in it, it will likely have a broken texture. Feel free to delete it by throwing it away somewhere. Or don't. I don't control you
  • Renamed Yogurt to "Bottle of Yogurt"
  • Renamed Apple Juice to "Bottle of Apple Juice"
  • Renamed Fruit Punch to "Bottle of Fruit Punch"
  • Made Apple Pie and Apple Pie Slices more bearable to look at (updated their textures)
  • Updated the texture for Tomato Seeds and Tomatoes
  • Updated the texture for the Tomato crop block (it looks like tomatoes are actually growing now!)
  • Changed the icon for the "No Room For Seconds" advancement
  • Tweaked the food and saturation values for the MCT Sandwich and Fish and Chips
    • At the previous values, Fish and Chips were almost as good as the MCT Sandwich. That was a problem because Fish and Chips are significantly easier to create and much cheaper. They have been edited to provide a little less nutrition and saturation while still being a good early game food item
    • The MCT Sandwich was also tweaked because the recipe, despite requiring either beating the game or challanging an Ocean Monument, was overpowered for its price. It now restores slightly less nutrition and saturation values, but it is still a powerful--if not the best--food item in the pack
  • Reduced the amount of Pretzels gained per recipe to 1 (from 3) and changed its food classification to "Starter" (from "Snack")
    • Pretzels are a very easy food to farm given how they only require Wheat, and eating all 3 gained from crafting would yield 15 hunger points (7.5 bars) which is crazy. Rather than reduce the food value, I thought it would be better to reduce the amount of them gained per recipe
  • Increased the nutrition and saturation values of Pretzels
    • Since I removed the main gimmick of Pretzels (being that despite being as filling as normal bread, you could make more of them and eat them whenever) I increased their food values to be a bit better than regular bread. For 2 extra wheat, you get 6 nutrition and 8 saturation than Bread's 5 nutrition and 6 saturation. However, Pretzels still take 0.2 more seconds to eat than bread
  • Slightly reduced the nutrition value of Plain Donuts to 5 (from 6)
    • Due to all the changes made to Pretzels, there become no need to bother making them because Plain Donuts were cheaper to craft and also more filling. So, this was a necessary nerf. Don't worry, though! The recipe still yields 2 Plain Donuts per every 4 Wheat, totalling 10 hunger points per recipe
  • Updated the "Edible Gold" advancement to include finding Cheese in chests as well as crafting it
  • Updated the "Quite Apeeling" advancement to include finding Bananas in chests as well as from Acacia trees
  • Renamed Cereal to "Bowl of Cereal"
  • Attempted to make Apples more common from Oak trees
  • Tweaked the texture of Cheese
  • Tweaked the texture of the Bowl of Cereal
  • Updated "The Gourmand" and "Extra Dietary Options" advancements
  • Tweaked the Apple Juice recipe to be shaped instead of shapeless
  • Tweaked the Apple Pie Slice recipe to be shaped instead of shapeless
  • Grouped Apple Pies and Apple Pie Slices together in the Recipe Book


  • Removed the old Kabob use system's files to instead use 24w19a's new food component system, which allows for directly changing what item a food converts into


  • Reworked the Bowl of Ice Cream and Bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream into "Ice Cream" and "Chocolate Ice Cream"
    • The old versions of these items will show as broken textures if they already existed in your world. You can throw them out if they bother you


  • RMF-4: Zombie Jerky doesn't apply hunger correctly
  • RMF-5: Golden Apple Juice obtained from the /give command doesn't stack with crafted Golden Apple Juices
  • RMF-6: Kabob moves to next available slot when used, instead of replacing mainhand
  • RMF-8: Poisonous Potatoes from fully grown Potato crops appear as Tofu
  • RMF-9: Tropical Fish dropped from fish and obtained by fishing appears as Cheese
  • RMF-13: Eating a Bowl of Cereal doesn't give back the bowl used to craft it


  • RMF-12: Snow Cones and Churros, for some horrid reason, are unable to stack together if the player is in Creative Mode
    • This also affects Snow Cones and Churros obtained from the /give system, so they can't be stacked with their crafted varients either
    • This bug wasn't caused be me--it's a bug with Minecraft which i've reported here
  • RMF-14: Crafted Bowls of food don't stack with their variants obtained from the /give system