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𓀠 𓁨 𓀢 𓌐

𓋴 𓂋 𓃱 great 𒁍 SÍR 'long'


𓈎 𓄿 𓏏 𓀠||height|grait great height ++
𓈎 𓄿 𓇋 𓇋 𓏏 𓊩||high throne| ⋍crowned?
𓈎 𓄿 𓇋 𓇋 𓊎||hill, high GROUND|√KUR
𓈎 𓄿 𓅱 𓏘||hill, high ground|cairn ⇔ grain ++++
𓈎 𓄿 𓄿||hill, high ground|
𓈎 𓄿 𓄿 𓀠 𓈇 𓏤||hill, high ground|Kurair ⇔ quer
𓈎 𓄿 𓄿 𓏘||hill, high ground|
𓈎 𓄿 𓇋 𓇋 𓏏 𓈅 𓏥||high ground, arable land|ground
𓈎 𓄿 𓇋 𓇋 𓏏 𓈇 𓏤||high ground, arable land|ground
𓈎 𓃀 𓎛 𓅂||SKY| ⇔ cover ⇔ cerebral? +++ ← cooper
𓈎 𓃀 𓎛 𓏂 𓈗||sky| qbH 𓎡𓈓 √COVER (k)ουρανός ⇔ халлаан ciel? 𓃀:leg CURBAH? ampu (q)небо

𓈎 𓄿 𓀠||(adj. and v.) tall, high, exalted, be raised on high, uplifted|quer ®
𓈎 𓄿 𓏘||hill, high ground|cairn ++
𓋴 𓈎 𓄿 𓀠 𓏜||make high (a building), set upright (a person), exalt (a god, king)|s'quare ⋍ straight!
𓍯 𓄿 𓃀 𓏏 𓈇||high-lying agriculural land| arabit™ ⇔ arable
𓍯 𓄿 𓀜 ||far, long ago, go|reach [email protected]