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𒄽𒁍 a basket
𒉺𒅁𒁍 basket ≈ sabbu sappu in
𒄀𒉺𒅁𒁍 gi-sap-pu gisappu a basket (𒄀 as determinant / bound !)
𒈠𒉺𒅁𒁍 ma-sab-bu masabbu (ma as preterminant / bound !)
𜏔 ⇔ mašu 𒈦𒋗 maš-šu (a carrying basket or board)

In rare cases women would have large grooves in their front teeth which suggests they used their mouth as a third hand while weaving baskets. This dates basket weaving as far back as 6500 BC and the fact so few women had these grooves shows that basket weaving was a rare skill to have.[16] These baskets were extremely important to the success of the agriculture because the baskets were used to collect or spread seeds, and were also used to collect or distribute water.[14]