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𓏡 earlier form of 𓏴

𓏴 Tur ⇔ Kur 𒉽 pap?

𓏴 𐀕 taw, tav, or taf but Ⲧ < π“‚ž 𓏏 via hieratic

𓏴 Ψ« Ψ¨ Ψͺ αΉ―-b-t fix


𓏴 tau:token:tag:tick Χ˜Χ™Χ™Χ’ ⇔ total

π“΄π“ˆ! escape ex-cappa αƒ’αƒαƒ˜αƒ₯αƒͺევა Ι‘Ι‘.ikΚ°tΝ‘sΚ°.Ι›vΙ‘ go.exit.pass reanalyzed

𓏴 π’ˆ¦ bar? KR? mark?

𐄂 Ο‡ End X Ξ ΞΎ 𐠷=KS βœ“ β˜‘ 𓍲 vs 𓍿 π“Šƒ Ξ΄

𓏴 π“₯ ploughlands ⇔ KUR terra 𓇾

𓏴 terminal AL < Halt!? terminate termination 𓏴 Tur ⇔ Kur 𒉽 ?

π“„‹π“Šͺ𓅱𓏴𓁷𓏀 but 𓏴𓁷𓏀 except 𓏴

π“‹΄ π“…¨ π“‚‹ 𓇋 π“ˆ— 𓀁 | swallow, drink | شَرَاب Ε‘arāb… see π“‹΄ π“‚‹ π“…“ sirup
π“‹΄ 𓏴 π“‚‹ 𓇋 π“ˆ— 𓏲 𓂧 𓆑 π“‚» | drink | ^^ !? π“‹΄ 𓏴 ⋍ sch => schluck

𓏴 Z9 U+133F4 Crossed diagonal sticks
𓏴 destroy (αΈ₯ḏj), break, divide (wpj), over load (ḏꜣj), cross, meet
𓏴 #swꜣ, sḏ, αΈ«bs, Ε‘bn, wp, wr Likely ancestral to Proto-Sinaitic Taw and its descendants