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Welcome to the cpu86 wiki!


This cpu86 repository is meant to experiment with HT-Lab's great CPU86 Free 8088 FPGA IP Core.


The ultimate goal is to be able to run a complete, stripped-down version of the original IBM Personal Computer "compatible", Intel® 8088 CPU-based system, which means running theoretically unmodified DOS and software from the era

An example of such system is the Thomson TO16, running MS-DOS 3.21 and sporting an enhanced CGA graphics adapter (32kB VRAM)


  1. Initially, I ported the original HT-Lab design to GadgetFactory's PapilioOne board (featuring Xilinx Spartan3e500 FPGA)
  2. Short after, I ported it further to then-newer GadgetFactory's PapilioDuo board (Xilinx Spartan6lx9)
  3. Long after, I ported it to Arrow's max1000 board (featuring an Altera Max10 FPGA)