How to approve your datapackage - nih-cfde/published-documentation Wiki

Each DCC can only have one approved datapackage in each data release. If you approve multiple packages between data releases, only the most recently submitted and approved package will be used.

  1. Go to and click "Log In" (top right corner).
  2. Click your name and "My Profile" (top right corner).
    • Check that under "Groups" it says you're an Approver for your DCC.
  3. Click on “List all submissions” under the "For submitters" tab at top of page.
  4. You should see a table with 3 columns: Actions, Submission, and Status Summary.
    • The status of your data package is in the "Status Summary" column by "Ingest Status".
  5. To view a table with the number of items submitted during data ingestion (number of files, biosamples, subjects, etc.), click on the document icon in the "Actions" column to "View Details".
  6. To view how users will see your metadata in the portal, in the "Status Summary" column, click "Browse Data".
    • Use the search bar and Refine search side panel to review how search results will look. For help using the browser, click on "User Guide" at the top of the page. This will take you to portal guide documentation pages.
  7. To view a graphical summary of your metadata in the portal, in the "Status Summary" column, click "Summary Charts".
    • This will take you to a page with a dynamic bar plot. Use the dropdown menus to change the axes and stack by variables.
  8. To change the review status, in the "Actions" column, click on the pencil to edit. Scroll down to "DCC Approver Status" on the "Edit Submitted Datapackage" page.
  9. Click the blue dropdown button and in the pop-up window, select the status option you want to switch to (i.e., "content approved" or "content approved but held").
  10. Back on the "Edited Submitted Datapackage" page, click "Save" (top right) to save the new status.