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Tuning for rock crawlers

Sine startup mode is designed for use in crawlers. In this mode, all three phases are energized using sinusoidal commutation. Since BEMF sensing is not available in this mode, there is no way to determine a rotor's position unlike in trapezoidal 6-step commutation (trap mode), hence throttle controls rotation speed rather than duty cycle. The following general approach can be used for tuning:

  • Reset settings to defaults.
  • Enable bidirectional throttle by setting throt_mode to 1 (forward/reverse).
  • Make sure the motor runs well in trap mode. You may need to adjust motor PWM frequency and/or other settings in some corner cases.
  • Enable sine startup mode via sine_range.
  • Set desired power level using sine_power. Use caution because higher values may lead to overheating.
  • Increase the stall protection ERPM threshold using prot_stall until the motor gets a sufficient power boost for smooth transition between sine startup and trap mode. This value should not be too high (2200-2800 in most cases) to keep sine_power low without losing step.
  • Optionally, enable temperature protection by setting prot_temp to 80 or so.
  • Set drag brake using duty_drag if needed.

Tuning for RC cars

Proportional brake mode is designed for use in RC cars. In this mode, proportional motor brake is engaged the first time throttle goes into reverse. General steps:

  • Reset settings to defaults.
  • Enable proportional brake mode by setting throt_mode to 2 (forward/brake/reverse).

Tuning for inertial load

In cases when a motor drives an inertial load (a large propeller or a flywheel), it may be essential for some setups to limit maximum power at lower RPM during a full throttle punch in order to avoid desyncing or even frying the motor/ESC due to oversaturation/overcurrent. The duty_ramp parameter (maximum duty cycle ramp) is used to set maximum power cap between duty_spup at 0 ERPM and 100% at duty_ramp kERPM. The duty_rate parameter (acceleration slew rate) is used to control the speed of power increase during acceleration.

Migrating from AM32

Firmware update

The most convenient and hassle-free way to update the firmware is to use an ESCape32 Wi-Fi Link board. Ubiquitous and cheap C3 Super Mini and S2 Mini boards are available on AliExpress and Amazon. Please see the Wi-Fi Link page for more information.

Alternative steps:

  • Download ESCape32 Update Utility.
  • Connect to the ESC as described in Installation: Step 5.
  • Power-off the ESC.
  • Run the update utility (it will start probing or counting depending on selected connection type).
  • Power-on the ESC immediately.
  • Wait until the operation is complete.


# Use option "-d" to override path to serial device
# Use option "-f" to force update in case of one-way connection
escape32-update [-d /dev/mySerialDevice] [-f] ...

# Print ESC info

# Flash firmware
escape32-update firmware.bin

# Flash bootloader
escape32-update -B bootloader.bin

# Disable write protection
escape32-update -P0

# Enable bootloader write protection
escape32-update -P1

# Enable full write protection
escape32-update -P2