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EZH2 encodes a histone methyltransferase that is a component of the polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2). This gene is recurrently mutated in both FL and DLBCL and has a common mutation hot spot (Y646) that affects the SET domain.1 Mutations of this residue and some of the less common hotspots lead to enhanced methylation by PRC2.2,3 Pharmacologic inhibitors of this activity such as tazemetostat have shown benefit in FL.3 EZH2 mutations are one of the defining features of the EZB genetic subgroup of DLBCL. Although mutations in EZH2 have been described in some BL patients, they are extremely rare in most BL cohorts that have been sequenced.4,5


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    title Publication timing
      2010-02-02 : Morin : DLBCL
      2012-12-01 : Love : BL
      2019-09-05 : Mottok : PMBL

Relevance tier by entity

Entity Tier Description
MZL 1 high-confidence MZL gene
PMBL 1 high-confidence PMBL/cHL/GZL gene
DLBCL 1 high-confidence DLBCL gene
FL 1 high-confidence FL gene
BL 2 relevance in BL not firmly established

Mutation incidence in large patient cohorts (GAMBL reanalysis)

Entity source frequency (%)
BL GAMBL genomes+capture 3.46
BL Thomas cohort 1.30
BL Panea cohort 10.90
DLBCL GAMBL genomes 13.77
DLBCL Schmitz cohort 9.15
DLBCL Reddy cohort 8.91
DLBCL Chapuy cohort 5.56
FL GAMBL genomes 24.94

Mutation pattern and selective pressure estimates

Entity aSHM Significant selection dN/dS (missense) dN/dS (nonsense)
BL No No 4.992 0
DLBCL No Yes 19.753 0
FL No Yes 117.987 0

EZH2 Hotspots

Chromosome Coordinate (hg19) ref>alt HGVSp
chr7 148508745 T>C N640S
chr7 148508740 A>G F642L
chr7 148508728 A>T Y646N
chr7 148508728 A>G Y646H
chr7 148508727 T>G Y646S
chr7 148508727 T>C Y646C
chr7 148508727 T>A Y646F
chr7 148506466 TG>GC A682G
chr7 148506467 G>C A682G
chr7 148506437 GC>AA A692L
chr7 148506437 G>A A692V

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EZH2 Expression

Representative Mutations


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All Mutations


1092 671 672 675


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