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File System

Site Layout

Component Path

Component path, also known as component qualified name is the component directory path, relative to project root. It always uses forward slash as path separator and is always relative. For widgets, component path is the layout file path but using file base name, that is, not extension.

Operator Naming

Strategy Name Description
ATTR Attribute Name Simple attribute name. Because it does not use prefix it is prone to name collision but is simple to use.
DATA_ATTR Custom Attribute Name Uses HTML custom attribute name, that is, prefixed with data-. This naming convention is a trade-off between simplicity to use and avoiding name collisions.
XMLNS XML Namespace This is default naming strategy and offer a clear separation for WOOD operator name space. Anyway, add complexity because name space should be declared with WOOD URI: xmlns:wood="".

Project Assets

Theme Styles

Media Queries

		<media-query alias="portrait" expression="orientation: portrait" />
		<media-query alias="lgd" expression="min-width: 1200px" />
		<media-query alias="mdd" expression="max-width: 992px" />
		<media-query alias="smd" expression="max-width: 768px" />
		<media-query alias="xsd" expression="max-width: 560px" />
		<media-query alias="h700" expression="max-height: 700px" />
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