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12/07/2024 - v0.0.7 release

- Fixed a bug related to the shimming when using protocols. Protocols were using the shimming saved in the .csv file instead of the one obtained from the autocalibration.

10/07/2024 - v0.0.6 release

- Numpy version set to 1.26.4 in the requirements.txt, as new 2.0 version is incompatible with MaRCoS
- Bugs related to larmor frequency fixed
- Added new parameters to

13/06/2024 - v0.0.5 release

- Fixed a bug in pypulseq management
- Fixed a bug in fov management
- FID sequence now picks-up larmor frequency and set it to hw_config.larmorFreq
- Sequences in protocols are now sorted by creation date

10/06/2024 - v0.0.4 release

- Added compatibility with pypulseq
- User can write sequences using pypulseq inside the `sequenceRun` method
- It is possible to load pusleq (*.seq) files as input to MaRGE, and run it.

05/06/2024 - v0.0.3 release

- Added mT/m in the configs/ file
- Added documentation for seq/
- Fixed a bug in seq/mriBlankSeq.rfSyncPulse
- Fixed a bug in fov management in the gui and seq/