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Information for Parents and Guardians

Internship Overview

Internship Roles Currently Offered

Research Plans

In an effort to improve our program, we routinely conduct surveys/interviews to collect data for research. At this point, we have the following in place:

  • Interns will be asked to provide feedback on the value that a specific activity delivered (e.g., the weekly LinkedIn workshop, daily standups, etc.), in the form of short surveys. This information will help us to understand if we are delivering value to the interns, areas where we need to improve our instruction, and how it is improving their confidence and competence in the skill area.
  • There will be an exit interview, designed to collect feedback on the overall value delivered by the internship.
  • With advance notice, we may record certain sessions of the LinkedIn workshop and the stand-up meetings.
  • The mentorship component of the program, will match an intern with a mentor for 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and we will both interview the mentors and ask for feedback periodically. - This program has not yet been rolled out.

Read more details about the Intern Research Plans and Goals and see our survey/interview questions and active consent process.