Updates history - ekatrukha/BigTrace Wiki

0.1.0 (coming soon)

Major update. Moved to a modified version of BVV, which allowed:

  • much faster crop without lag (now in shaders);
  • new "brightness and color" dialog;
  • possibility to switch from "max intensity" to "volumetric" rendering (shortcut P);
  • first extra "dummy" channel is now removed, hopefully less confusion;

Other changes:

  • changed initial volume orientation (transform) at the start;
  • made a separate "Settings" button for the navigation panel;
  • some new parameters there: animation speed, mouse snap area;
  • added "Zoom and crop" option;
  • added "remove crop" shortcut X;
  • added shortcut 3 for XZ view;
  • XY, YZ, XZ views/shortcuts now work on cropped and TraceBox views;
  • shrank and moved up "Voxel size" panel;
  • added Cross-Section ROI (or Plane) and possibility use it to slice volume in two;
  • added AbstractRoi3D class and moved many common methods there;
  • fixed decimal separator issue with opacity value in the settings;


Major update

  • "Measure" tab is added, including curve characteristics measurement settings and "Plot Profile" button;
  • added a general smoothing parameter for displaying and measuring shapes (size of moving average window);
  • added 16- and 32-bit TIF images support. For now, 32-bit just gets rescaled using min and max to 16-bit, so measurements give these rescaled results;
  • in "trace mode" added V shortcut that starts a new trace;
  • added voxel dimension to ROIs file, plus it scales the dataset accordingly when ROI file is loaded (thanks to Oane Gros feedback);
  • exception caused by the addition of the point with the exact coordinates in Polyline mode is fixed (thanks to Oane Gros feedback);
  • orientation of vectors is included in semi-auto tracing;
  • fixed Groups loading list update;
  • refactor ROI loading, some bug fixes;


large update, alpha release;

  • added Groups for ROIS;
  • help tab;
  • specifications for the voxel size/tracing parameters in 3D;
  • option to trace curve outside of crop area;


  • added multicolor image support (still they should be 8-bit);
  • added zoom-in by click option (shortcut D) / and zoom-in box size adjustment in options;
  • added reading image range from ImageJ tiff and setting it to display;
  • adjusted display range for each source/channels to [0..255];


  • first version released for internal testing;
  • works with one color 8-bit images only;