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Common setting file specification

  • Common settings for works can be configured in danoni_setting.js.
  • It is possible to separate common settings for each group. For details, please refer to the chart Header: settingType.
  • If there is a corresponding chart settings, the value of the chart settings takes precedence.
  • Since ver26.3.1, all items set here are defined as properties of g_presetObj.

Configurable items

Category Settings
Maker credits and basic settings :pencil: tuning (Charts maker)tuningUrl (Charts maker's URI)autoSpread (Automatic width expansion setting)autoMinWidth (Minimum width setting)windowAlign (window position)
Custom file settings :pencil: skinType (Default skin)customJs (Default custom JS files)customCss (Default custom CSS files)syncBackPath (Setting the base directory for image paths used in background and mask motion)
Gauge settings :pencil: gauge (Default Gauge Settings)gaugeCustom (Default non-default gauge values)gaugeList (Custom gauge list)
Freeze arrow setting :pencil: frzColors (Availability of freeze arrow default color set)frzScopeFromAC (Setting the range of freeze-arrow colors to follow in response to arrow color change)frzStartjdgUse (Freeze-arrow starting point determination setting)
Default design and image settings :pencil: customDesignUse (Default design usage settings)imageSets (Setting the default image set)overrideExtension (Default image extension setting)customImageList (List of images to be additionally specified)animationFillMode (Default value of "animationFillMode" used for background and mask motion)
Option Enable :pencil: settingUse (Option Enable Setting)
Play screen control :pencil: wordAutoReverse (Automatic reversal control setting of lyrics during reverse)unStockCategories (Set the type of data that is not retained before fade-in.)stockForceDelList (Set pattern to not retain data before fade-in)
Results data :pencil: resultFormat (Result data format settings)resultVals (Custom group of variables for results data)
Label text and message :pencil: lblName (Label text setting)msg (On mouse text, confirmation message definition setting) lblRenames (Setting whether or not the setting name can be overwritten)
Definition of custom key types :pencil: keysData (Common definition of custom key types)keysDataLib (Custom key definitions for libraries)


Version Change details
v26.3.1 - Integrate variable names used in the common configuration file into g_presetObj.
v10.0.0 - Change common configuration files, implement split settings.(-> settingType
v3.0.0 - Initially implemented