How to contribute - cdisc-org/hub GitHub Wiki

How to include those wishing to participate

We have been working out over time how to run our projects on GitHub/ZenHub. One of our early desires was to have a meritocracy based system for allowing access to our projects. Essentially, that means that those with the most involvement and the most investment in our projects will have the most access.

We can break up access levels for contributors into three broad categories.

CDISC Employees and Contractors

A CDISC employee or contractor will want to join the CDISC GitHub organization. There are specific workflows an internal developer can take advantage of.

Non-CDISC, but highly involved, volunteers

For these people, the repository owner/admin can give them outside collaborator status on the repo. They can then work within the CDISC repo or their own cloned repos, just as a CDISC employee would.

Volunteers wanting to contribute on their own

Though not members of CDISC teams, these people will find GitHub issues they want to resolve, or they may have their own ideas they will want to conribute. There are workflows specific to external developers they can use.