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The UWECImage class was provided by the professor for the assignment; however, I have made modifications to it.


As suggested by the specifications, a method for image transposition was added to this class. Originally, I had made this method part of the Seam class, but BufferedImage has a method called getRGB which makes retrieving color values much more efficient and also faster. It also has a similar method called setRGB which has similar benefits. Since the BufferedImage that is wrapped by the UWECImage class is declared as private, the only way to access its methods is by moving this method into the UWECImage class. It should be noted that the setRGB method provided by BufferedImage differs from the setRGB method provided by UWECImage in that it accepts a color as a single int rather than three separate ints.


This method was also originally a part of the Seam class, but it was moved to UWECImage to take advantage of the speed benefits provided by BufferedImage’s getRGB and setRGB methods. Its purpose is to remove a provided seam from the image.


The write method was rewritten to allow writing images to formats other than PNG. It now can write images in any format that ImageIO will allow. If an unsupported file type is entered, it will pull up a dialog box allowing the user to select a format of BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG.