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The sloth is a tiny xenarthran mammal. Native to Central South America.

Spawning and taming

Sloths are an uncommon spawn in wet rainforest (pygmy three-toed, pale-throated, Hoffman's two-toed) and deep rainforest (brown-throated, maned three-toed, Linnaeus's two-toed) biomes. They spawn alone. Male and females are equally likely to spawn, and are not sexually dimorphic.

The sloth is a slow, neutral animal.

Sloths are one of the least difficult animals to capture. Once found, they can be picked up and moved with ease by the player without any tranquilizing or extra items.

Sloths can be tamed with herbivore kibble.


Sloths have 4 hearts (8 points) of health, can deal 0.5 hearts (1 point) of damage, and drop small meat and 2 vines upon death.

Sloths are tiny animals with pint-sized food needs. They eat a herbivore diet.

Sloths can use the rope, climbing vine, tire swing, hanging browse, and scratching post enrichment items.

Sloths are a low fertility species, and can be bred with jungle leaves. As tiny-sized animals they have a gestation time of 24000 ticks, and give birth to 1 baby that will take 2 minecraft days to reach adulthood.


6 species of sloth are represented: pygmy three-toed, brown-throated, maned three-toed, pale-throated, Hoffman's two-toed, and Linnaeus's two-toed.

Pygmy three-toed Brown-throated Maned three-toed
Pale-throated Hoffman's two-toed Linnaeus's two-toed
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